Project Bob (so named in homage to our local hero St Robert) is a mental wellbeing support mission, to help people who are awaiting or receiving therapy for a range of common everyday mental wellbeing issues .

We are a mission because we are staffed by and supported by Christians. This isn’t a religious group, it’s just that we feel that as Christians we should do more to give the town something it actually really needs.

We all encounter times in life when we need a little support. Whether through circumstance such a bereavement, separation or divorce, issues over work or at home. Or maybe we just feel low, stressed and lost in our lives.

Project Bob supports by offering group centred discussions and presentations on how to cope through the difficult times that most of us encounter sometime in our lives. We also provide a place where you can be listened to, without unhelpful suggestion or with others trying to fix things.

Project Bob is suitable for people suffering with mild depression, anxiety and compulsive thoughts and behaviours.


There is a huge gap between the place where you ask for help and the place where you get it

It’s too big and it’s getting bigger. We are here to help you during that period.


Our support group helps to discover ways to cope through the difficult times where everything seems overwhelming.

We run a 6 week rolling programme to learn about things that may help with moderate depression, anxiety and intrusive unhelpful thoughts.

These may have been brought about from difficult experiences in life, or mental health concerns.

Learning both from each other and presented weekly topics.  

Mental Health Support Knaresborough


The Process Group helps support each other through managed discussions about our wellbeing. 

This isn’t therapy, but talking together in a safe boundried way, about whats going on in for us, can help you feel less isolated. 

Those overseen by professional and qualified wellbeing workers, including counsellors.

Your participation helps others in the group, and you are valued however low you may be feeling.

The process groups isn't for everyone. You may not feel ready or able to share your feelings. You decide what's right for you, and we can be at hand to help.

Mental Health Support Knaresborough

I'm not a Christian,
Is this for me?

Project Bob is a Christian organisation, staffed and supported by people who have a Christian faith from Knaresborough and Harrogate. Some are professionals in wellbeing and mental health, others are trained volunteers. All have a passion to help others through the hard times in life, in the way that Jesus taught us to do.

But don’t let that put you off. You will find us to be non-judgmental, gentle, and compassionate, whatever your beliefs or situation in life. We warmly welcome you, without judging on past indiscretions, sexuality, gender identity or marital status. God loves us all the same.

Mental Health Support Knaresborough


We need to establish contact with you first to assess if we are a good fit for one another – we reckon we can help most people, but there are some types of conditions we aren’t qualified to. We’ll do our best to signpost you in that circumstance. Just drop us a line!

Also – we aren’t a crisis service because we are all volunteers working 9-5. That’s why we don’t offer a phone number here. You’ll find our presence on social media woefully lacking too – that’s because social media is part of the problem and we don’t want to get involved with it beyond what is necessary to simply let people know we are here.